There are a variety of ways to get involved, be trained in, and enjoy shooting sports at Greilick from Slingshots to Archery to Firearms to a Shotgun range. These activities are all offered under the careful guidance of a certified instructor.

Youth can learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles archery, and much more. The activities of the program and the support of caring adult leaders provide young people with opportunities to develop life skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics. Using our ranges provides a positive experience for youth and promotes the safe and ethical use of firearms. Firearms education can also reduces gun accidents.


It’s always great to learn that children and youth still enjoy outdoor activities, instead of just playing games on their digital screens at home. Archery seems be an activity that excites and inspire nearly everyone who tries it. Outdoor activities like archery also encourage physical fitness, skills improvement, and confidence.

GOREC has modern compound bows with appropriate draw length and draw weight for young archers. Archers shoot under the encouraging guidance of certified instructors who focus of both fun and safety. As a parent, you’re likely also concerned about safety. No problem. You’ll be pleased to know archery is an extremely safe sport. In fact, archery is far safer than soccer, baseball, or football.


Rifle/Pistol Range

We start with BB guns for the novices.