Lend Us a Hand…
Greilick welcomes and needs volunteer support in many capacities. These range from planning activities, to program volunteers, to folks who were willing to do some of the work necessary to maintain the camp.

  • Planning
    First we are seeking volunteers that can help us to craft a new vision for the facility. Such volunteers might be involved with advisory committees or focus groups. They might be involved in ongoing basis, or simply participate in a single walk-through or focus group.
  • Programs
    In order to deliver a broad range of programming cost effectively, Greilick will rely on volunteers to fill in the gaps where staff is unable to support all of these needs. Such volunteers could include specialized volunteers, such as certifies shooting sports leaders, aquatic activities (certified lifeguards), or high adventure. In addition to specialized leaders, some volunteers might simply interact with children and youth in a constructive and supportive environment, helping them find a passion for the outdoors.
  • Service Projects
    Finally, we need volunteers who were willing to roll up their sleeves and take on some of the basic maintenance and support tasks needed to keep Greilick in shape. These on-the-ground volunteers might be engaged in group work bees, or could volunteer to come out individually to work on special projects.  An ongoing list of projects at Greilick can be found here on Greilick Work Project Cards.

For more information about upcoming volunteer events check Greilick’s Event Calendar.  To learn more about volunteering at Greilick please fill out the form below and submit.

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