When you donate, you are giving children and youth the opportunity to build positive values and ethics through outdoor recreation and education leading them to their own passions for the outdoors. You have the ability to change lives. Our continued operation depends upon the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations who believe, along with us, that youth and children  deserve to experience the affirming fun, restoration and inspiration that outdoor recreation brings. No investment yields greater returns than the investment you make in the life of a child. We take great pride in sharing the “UpNorth Spirit” with children, youth, and families. Our values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility guide us each day in our work with children, youth, families, donors, and potential donors. We subscribe to the highest ethical standards in fundraising practices and demonstrate the importance of of those standards by following the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Donor Bill of Rights.
To donate click the button above or send your check to: Greilick Outdoor 4754 Scout Camp Road Traverse City, MI  49696

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