There have been some exciting things happening at GOREC!  Due to a collaborative relationship with the Youth Action Board (YAB), GOREC has had the opportunity to become an active partner in assisting youth board members in addressing youth homelessness in the Greater Traverse City Area.  To achieve this, GOREC become a place to host healthy and productive conversations between YAB youth members, community members, and agency partners addressing in homelessness. An example of this, GOREC has hosted three separate YAB member retreats.  

Primarily in the first and second YAB retreats, members brainstormed ideas to address youth homelessness, while also having the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities such as sledding and ice fishing.  From this retreat, YAB members identified there is a need to break down barriers and address stereotypes commonly associated with youth homelessness. For example, each of the youth recounted instances where adults or other authority figures did not listen to their struggles with homelessness and assumed they knew what was best for them because they were only kids.  To break these stereotypes, YAB have decided to host two separate future events at GOREC aimed at community members, local agency partners, and individuals involved in law enforcement.   

In preparation for these future events, GOREC hosted another YAB retreat with the goal of preparing meaningful and engaging activities. By doing so, the goal was to create an activity in which the youth members would facilitate and lead to adults in future YAB events. Overall, GOREC is thankful to be partnering with the Youth Action Board in addressing youth homelessness in our community, and looks forward to more exciting happenings in the future!