Rotary Club of Traverse City’s Friends of the Boardman Watershed to support GOREC in 2018 & 2019

The Friends of the Boardman Watershed has committed to raise funds to improve programs at Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center.  The primary fundraising event will be their 15th Annual Rotary Gourmet Dinner.  The dinner for 2018 is on Monday, September 17th 5:30 PM (BUY TICKETS HERE) at the Traverse City Golf & Country Club.

The proceeds from the event have made immediate and long lasting impacts.  This program for GOREC would be no different.  It would immediately provide access for the future generations of the sport.   It will educate ecological health and preservation of our local waterways through stewardship. 

The funds from this dinner will go to develop a mobile fishing camp for GOREC.  There are only four types of people who enjoy catching fish.   Men, women, boys, and girls.  GOREC has direct access to three different lakes on its property.  It is minutes away from rivers and countless other fisheries.  A successful fishing program focuses on three major components:

1. Quality, age appropriate, species appropriate, and waterway appropriate fishing equipment

2. Quality fish habitat

3. Quality, trained instructors ready to bring the program to life

This mobile fishing camp can bring fishing programs to all ages and abilities.  Equipment would range from experiential fishing games, fish educational displays, fish cleaning stations, fish cooking, and fishing gear recycling centers.  Spincasting, baitcasting, fly fishing, fly tying, and ice fishing shall all be part of the program.  And the best part is it will be mobile.  The main focus will be GOREC lakes.  Being mobile will also make it a point of promotion when GOREC takes it on the road.

Habitat development in GOREC’s lakes will take collaboration with Fish & Wildlife Management agencies .  The goal, create habitat where fish live giving anglers the chance to catch a fish within 30 minutes.  Fishing is not catching but creating an enviroment where anglers have a chance to catch a fish is a prioity.  Magic happens when a new angler to catches their first fish.  

Collaborating with organizations to develop quality fishing mentors will occur.  The Boy Scout of America has a Certified Angler Instructor Program. Alignment with organisations like, partnerships with Trout Unlimited, local sporting goods stores, and local fishing charter guides will make this successful.

The Friends of the Boardman Watershed focus is the restoration and preservation.  The Rotary Gourmet Dinner has raised over $192,000 for river and environmental projects in past.  Projects include development and placement of interpretive exhibits and signage, rebuilding trail systems, stairs and boardwalks, restoring erosion sites, replacing eroded road crossings and more.