Climbing Facilitator Training - FALL 2018

Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center (GOREC)’s Climbing Facilitator Training is a skills based training.  It is designed to train facilitators of climbing programs at GOREC.  Participants with climbing experience may advance through skills assessments quickly.  If you are new to climbing some hands-on time at GOREC events may be needed to develop, demonstrate, and practice skills after this training.

When:  September 28-30, 2018.    7:00pm – 9:00pm on Friday, Saturday from 9:00am until 9:00pm, and Sunday from 9:00am until 4:00pm.  Times may vary based on number of participants and skills assessments.

Where:  All training is to be held at GOREC rain or shine.  Friday will be indoor/under pavilion training pending on weather.  Saturday & Sunday will be entirely at the GOREC climbing facility.

Who:  Any adults 18 years of age or older.  This is not a training designed for youth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • GOREC equipment & facility inspection, care, storage, and retirement.
  • Climbing, rappelling, bouldering, spotting, belaying, and belay commands and techniques.
  • Climbing knots including how and when to use them.  Including but not limited to, water knot, figure 8, figure 8 follow-through, double fisherman’s knot, Prusik, bowline, bowline on a bite.
  • Anchoring systems and belay anchor systems for GOREC climbing tower.
  • Good safety practices, including age-appropriate activity levels for youths.
  • Leave No Trace policies for Climbing.
  • Intro to program administration, teaching skills, climbing event planning and coordination, follow of GOREC emergency plans, and GOREC climbing program record-keeping.

Cost:  $35.  $15 for retraining for past GOREC facilitators.  Cost to to cover materials, meals, facility and equipment use, other supplies, and any overnight accommodations.

Registration:  Registration form below.  Paperwork, invoicing, and more details will be shared with you after you have registered.  Paperwork (to be sent to you after emailing for registration) each participant will need to provide GOREC: health history form, talent release, hold harmless form, State of MI IChat Background check release.

Creature Comforts:  For those choosing to stay overnight, bunks in GOREC’s bunkhouses or cottages may be available. Being prepared to tent camp or stay at GOREC’s Adirondacks will ensure you are ready for whatever accommodations we are using.  More details will be shared with you prior to the event.  Meals will include a snack Friday evening, a simple breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Saturday, and a simple breakfast & lunch for Sunday.  The menu will be simple, yet plentiful and hardy, so we can spend more time on training.

What to bring:  All equipment needed for climbing is provided.  If you own your own climbing helmet, climbing harness, and climbing shoes and they are within 10 years of their manufacturing date you may bring them.  These items will be inspected before you are allowed to use them.  Other items to bring:  Insulated drink containers, refillable water bottles, rain gear, appropriate clothing for the activities and forecasted weather, notebook with pencil or pen, bandanna(s), sunglasses.

Working ahead:  Things will go much faster if you prepare in advance.  You should study ahead by watching and practice the following:

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This training is designed to provide you skills on how to be a facilitator at GOREC’s climbing facilities.  Although many of the skills could be transferable to other facilities and organizations (i.e. Scout Camps, Indoor climbing facilities, recreational climbing) those organization and facilities may require you to prove your skills or require you to take their trainings.

Questions please contact Nick Killian, GOREC Director. or 231-649-0033.

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