25,000 miles! That’s the total number of miles that Scouts in Michigan have hiked during the first three Iron Belle Challenge events. The Department of Natural Resources wants to add to that number and is asking Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to once again to hit the trails in Michigan.

The Iron Belle Challenge is an annual event sponsored by the DNR.  This year the event will take place June 2. 

The Iron Belle Challenge was originally set up to get kids out hiking one of Michigan’s premiere hiking and biking trails, but Michigan is also home to many other wonderful hiking and biking trail opportunities. Michigan also has some of the best water trails, not to mention the ORV and equestrian trail opportunities.  Whether you bike, hike, kayak or ride an ORV, this year’s Iron Belle Challenge allows you to choose the mode of transportation and trail that best fits your interests. While it will still recognize Michigan’s premier trail opportunity – the Iron Belle Trail – you can choose a trail that’s closer to home.

So how does GOREC fit into this event.  Staying at GOREC allows you access to all of the trails in its 500+ acres.  Staying also allows you quick access to multiple trail systems to support the hike.  2.5 miles from the VASA Single Track for Mountain Biking3.2 miles from the Muncie Lakes Pathway which connects to the North County Trail.  Make a weekend of it by staying at GOREC in the campsites, cottages, bunkhouse or campsites.  To inquire about reservations please contact Nick Killian, GOREC Director from the Contact Page.

June 2, 2018 – National Trails Day
Lace up your boots, strap on your helmet, or snap up your life
preserver and enjoy a great day on one of Michigan’s many
trails. Take photos and let us know what you did and how far
you traveled. Your participation will earn the 2018 Iron Belle
Challenge patch.

September 22, 2018 – National Public Lands Day
Now that you’ve experienced Michigan’s trail system, it’s time
to give back. Completing a stewardship project that promotes
or improves trail opportunities in Michigan will get you a
rocker patch that complements the trail patch.

If you would like more information visit the DNR website for the Iron Belle Challenge.  Visit an interactive map of Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail.

Michigan’s Iron – Belle Trail runs between Ironwood in the western end of the Upper Peninsula to Belle Isle in Detroit. The trail links various trails community, park and forest to create a 1221 hiking and 798 mile biking course.  It’s two trails in one. The hiking trail joins the North Country National Scenic Trail up the west side of the state; the biking path heads up the east side.